Pumpkin Chai

Pumpkin chai is inspired by the fall and Christmas season, it has a warm and spicy feel to it when lit. It is best lit when you have family/friends over with a nice glass of eggnog on the side.

We have this candle available in a different design/label that the photo on the website. but it still comes in the same 110z jar. Just in a white jar instead.

Notes:Pumpkin Chai


  • Made with a blend of phthalate and paraben free fragrance and essential oils
  • Made with soy wax which is known to burn cleanly
  • Cotton wicks are lead-free and wood wicks are FSC certified approved (made from post consumer waste)
  • Products are Cruelty free11 oz / Burn time: 55-60 hours

 You can choose a preferred size below. The 11oz candle comes in our 11oz jar as seen on our website

Candle Care:

-The first time you light the candle, let the wax melt to the edge of the container to prevent a sunk hole next time you use your candle. 

- Every time your candle is burnt, the wick should be trimmed. For further care please refer to the bottom of the candle container. 

Why Soy wax candles are a good choice

✔️Soy wax comes from soybeans, a natural, renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers

✔️Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. Hence soy candles burn slower and hence lasts longer than paraffin candles

✔️Soy wax does not produce black soot

✔️Soy wax is non-toxic and provides a much cleaner non-chemical smelling fragrance

✔️Vegan friendly and hand crafted in small batches to ensure amazing candles are made each time